Is it possible to use the microphone to identify a music track?

If I wanted to trigger events in my app that happen in sync with a music track that might be playing in the users vicinity, would this be possible? If I defined a track / tracks for the app to listen for is there an algorithm that can detect that track, where in the track we are up to and sync a predefined animation to it in real-time?


Yes, it’s possible. But there are no freely available algorithms to my knowledge. Audio recognition is incredibly difficult, so any company that’s had any success keeps their algorithm closely guarded, and most of the time it requires a massive music library to ‘train’ the algorithm.

So, you can try to re-do the millions of dollars of work that went into making audio recognition possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Your best bet would be to find an existing service and try to work out a licensing deal.

That’s a journey in a completely different programming area. Here is a tutorial on how to program such an algorithm. However I recommend to try to use an api (EchoNest for example) Unfortunatelly i only know apis that are not free.

“To note, Shazam apparently has reacquired the rights to the recognition technology and Landmark Digital is now defunct.” - copied from here

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