Is it possible to use the previous animation? (not animator)

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to create a animation to one of my game object (GUIText), where I want to stop it at a certain time. I know I can just simply create a trigger within the animator to stop it (properly by destroying it or setting the active to false), but I wanted to know if there’s anyway to use the previous animation component rather than animator.

alt text

Whenever I try to create a new animation, it automatically gives me the animator component. So I would like to know if it is still possible to use the previous animation component. I’m trying to stop my animation by using the animation.Stop(), but it always gives me the follow message: There is no ‘Animation’ detached to the “Timer” game object…

I suspect the reason for this is that, this script along with the others only work with the normal animation.

Therefore does anyone know how to add the other animation component?

Thanks in advance!

In the game I’m working on, we use Animation component. Yes you can.

For your error message, you need the Animation component if you want to use some of its methods.

You can just remove the Animator component and add new component Animation.