Is it possible to use Unity without Unity installed on device?

I know the question is kind of stupid but I still try to ask maybe there is a solution I don´t know.
I want to continue working on my project at work but cannot install it on the notebook at work. Is there any possibility to work with Unity over the internet without Unity being installed on my notebook?
Or are there any similar possibilities? Maybe a something like a Unity Web compiler where you can see your result of coding?

I would appreciate really every idea :slight_smile:

You can only stream Unity from your PC. Maybe Cloud Build but that is only for building.
You can work on Assets of project without Unity (Scripts - Notepad,VisualStudio…) but scenes cannot be edited without Unity. Maybe you can install unity at some External HDD or USB drive and run it on the notebook?

Can you use VNC to view and control your screen at home through your screen at work?