Is it possible to view a webpage in the webplayer using just c#

I know there are other projects like htmltexture and one that uses webkit that will never run on the webplayer because they must accesss C++ files. But is it theoretically possible to make a browser or html viewer in the webplayer to use as a web 2.0 GUI using just .NET and C# routines? Unity 3.0 can now access managed dlls which I think means it can use dlls that are written entirely in C#?

Is it possible to make something that would allow a user to view and interact with an html/javascript page in the webplayer for a GUI.


If the whole thing is written in managed code, yes. But keep in mind all the rendering and all other stuff have to be done with functions that are supported by the webplayer.

I don’t think that there is any assembly out there that will work in the webplayer… It’s even crazy to implement a JScript interpreter in C# and run the whole thing in the webplayer in a browser…

Why do you need something like that? Do you want to fool the user? or what? Who needs a browser in a browser?