Is it possible to write text inside of textboxes for editable values in the inspector?

Hello everyone, I’ve got a really simple question that is probably best explained by this picture:


As you can see this is an example from Bolt, but it’s used in a special settings window (plus I don’t have source code). I was simply wondering if this is something I could do for editable values on my game object components. I would really love to be able to specify the units of my variables, it would really help me keep things readable.


Looks like the possible solutions to this problem are way more work then I want to spend on this tiny feature. However, I did run into the TooltipAtrribute and HeaderAttribute, and I think I’ll probably be using one or the other for the same purpose. It’s a little less sexy, but it gets the job done in one line of code. Here is an example of usage for those interested:

[Tooltip("Units: m/s")]
public float velocity = 0f;

Edit: Here is the real answer

So I guess I was just being lazy but someone on the Unity subreddit was kind enough to post a fully working solution and it’s super simple. First you have to add two scripts to your project “AdditionalTextAttribute” and “AdditionalTextDrawer”. In AdditionalTextAttribute.cs put this:

using UnityEngine;

public class AdditionalTextAttribute : PropertyAttribute

    public readonly string Text;
    public AdditionalTextAttribute(string text)
        Text = text + " ";

In AdditionalTextDrawer.cs put this:

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

 * Usage: simply put a Attribute in front of your variables like this:
 *     [AdditionalText("m/s")]
 *     public float velocity = 20f;
 * Use at own risk for variables that are not rendered in text fields (you'll might get multiple texts over each other)

public class AdditionalTextDrawer : PropertyDrawer
    public override void OnGUI(Rect position, SerializedProperty property, GUIContent label)
        EditorGUI.PropertyField(position, property, label);

        var style = new GUIStyle(EditorStyles.label);
        style.alignment = TextAnchor.MiddleRight;
        style.normal.textColor = Color.gray;

        var attrib = attribute as AdditionalTextAttribute;
        GUI.Label(position, attrib.Text, style);

Then you can write code like the following anywhere in your project to get text inside of the property text field:

public float acceleration = 20f;

Looks great just like the reference image I gave! here is the github page for the original solution given to me, basically all I did was remove the namespace usage to make it even easier to throw into a project.