Is it possible?

So, what I want to do is be able to project the users computer screen onto a plane or some sort of surface within unity 3d and be able to actually control the computer while playing the game. It may sound a little strange but I am looking for a way to essentially turn your computer operating system into a more interactive and enjoyable experience.
So my question is, is this possible to do in Unity?
I have messed around with plugins that allow you to access the internet while in-game but is there any way to access the entire computer?
It really just comes down to projecting the display of the computer into Unity.
Can anyone give me some insight on whether this is a possible or something that could be made possible through a hack or whatnot?


everything is possible, but it will be much harder than making this application for example using .NET4+ because even using System.Windows.Forms isn’t easy and require: some knowledge of .NET4+, changing api compatibility level to .net 2.0 (without subset) and more important You need to have special .net 2.0 libraries, which are not easy available .

All of this is because Unity is multiplatform.

Hmm. Alright well not what I was hoping for but also not surprised. I’ll look a little into .NET and see what I can learn.
Thanks for your time.