is it right that you shouldnt bother so much about performance in development?

it seems that in games people say, dont think so much about performance at development steps. just at pre release stage of project, define a time for optimization of draw calls, memory, cpu …

its said because concentrating on performance can cause bad code design or longer development process. is it right?

As long as it doesn’t look like Yanderdev’s code while you are making it, it is ok not to optimize your script until you are done with it.

I feel like when it comes to performance you should start worrying about it as soon as your game is not running as smoothly as it should in your target platform. For example, if you are making a mobile game that runs ok on your computer but whenever you put on your actual device starts to run at 30 FPS or lower or keeps lagging… You have an issue and should try to figure it out before moving into developing any new feature.

I guess people say this as a way of “don’t nitpick too much about performance”, meaning that you should not try to increase the running FPS of your game in single digits if it’s already running at a reasonable frame rate or look for problems that are not affecting the gameplay. Just think: is the performance affecting my game in any way already? If so, you should be bothered about performance.

Just my personal opinion, though.