Is it safe to downgrade a project from Unity 5.4 to Unity 5.3?

I need to upgrade our Unity project to Unity 5.4 - however we also need one part of our project to be released on web player later this year, which Unity 5.4 does not support. So what I’m wondering is, can we upgrade to Unity 5.4 now and then later this year downgrade one aspect of our project so that we can export to webplayer? Or is that a terrible idea?

@eventropy you can downgrade the whole project from 5.4. to 5.3. For downgrading only part of the project, just make a copy of the project and delete the parts you don’t want downgraded, or something along these lines.

Before you begin the process make a backup of your project.

After making the backup delete the file \YourProjectRoot\ProjectSettings\ProjectVersion.txt This file will be re-created after the first time you open your project in 5.3. If you don’t delete this file, every time you open your project in 5.3, all your assets will be re-imported. You can try this and see, and then delete the file later on.

So, if you work with 5.4, just run the 5.3 installer, which will first remove the previous 5.4 installation, and then install 5.3.

Subsequently, the first time you run 5.3 all your assets will be imported.

That’s it.

Is the upgrade from 5.3 to 5.4 really worth it? Why not develop in 5.3 and then do a 5.4 build just for the benefits when you release?

So SURE, you can try it. You will have a backup so nothing to lose. However, some of the built assets may not be compatible like the stuff in “temp”. My recommendation is to create an empty project in the older version of unity, then just copy the assets folder from the newer project to the older one. This will definitely be compatible and will allow you to continue developing on the previous version of unity.

Note though if you want to transfer your project settings you will need to do this too :slight_smile:

Good luck!