Is it to late to put Multiplayer?

So I’m about half way through my game and I’ve been planning to put multiplayer in my game but it seems to difficult with everything I already have any suggestions.

Short answer: no.

Long answer: maybe.

This depends on the type of game you have. The actual networking part is pretty separate from your core functionality. How are your players interacting with each other? The networking aspect is mostly connecting users. Setting up a networking solution won’t really vary in length regardless of where you are in the development process. At this point (halfway through) it’s mostly asking yourself what multiplayer features need to be added. Have you been building with the intent for this to be a single player game? If so, you’ll have more features to add to make it a multiplayer game.

I suggest working with Photon (PUN) to streamline the networking process.

If you’ve wanted to implement multiplayer, you totally should (and definitely can!).

Thanks for the help and suggestions !!!