Is it worth making an inventory using GUI

I’ve been doing a little bit of reading into inventory systems and a few times I have come across people saying it wasn’t worth using GUI due to performance issues. That is was using more than was necessary for what it was doing.

I’m not too fussed which way I end up doing it, obviously using GUI would be faster for me to setup but if it would just be better in general to put it together myself then that is what I would rather do.

I am currently working on a point and click adventure game so all it has to do is store items and then let the player use those items on the world and other items in the inventory.

Thanks for any advice, I just want to choose a path to go down before jumping into this.

I’d say that an adventure game inventory system would be much easier to implement than a Diablo-style inventory system (where you need to organize inventory items to fit on a grid). With the traditional adventure game inventory, you pretty much just need a grid of images, where each image represents an inventory item.

It’s not totally clear from the question, but I think you are asking about Unity’s built-in GUI system? If you are planning on releasing for mobile, it is probably best to explore other GUI options - Unity GUI is not well suited to mobile for performance reasons. For a PC or web game, I guess it could be fine.

My biggest beef with UnityGUI is that I’ve found it pretty difficult to create good looking UIs with it. I’ve had much better luck with some third party options, such as EZGUI w/ SpriteManager, or NGUI. With something like NGUI, it should be pretty easy to create unique and polished UIs that are low performance and work on all platforms, which pretty much ticks all the boxes.