is Macbook pro 15 with intel iris pro graphics powerful enough to handle unity 3d

Hi friends,
I am looking for a new laptop and I am thinking of buying of macbook pro 15 inch with intel iris pro graphics card.
I want to know that should I buy macbook pro 15 with AMD graphics card or one with intel iris pro will be fine.
generally I would be using the laptop for unity and IOS development and the games that I would be making on unity would be targeted for Android and IOS devices. and I would be experimenting lot with unity in both 2D and 3D environments because at present I am in learning phase and I am doing lot of experiments on my current laptop.

I am asking this question because Macbook Pro 15 cost hell lot of money and in India they are even costly then USA.
In india Iris pro version cost Rs.1,62,000 and AMD version cost RS.2,00,000 which is hell lot of money.
as I am student i will get student discount 6% which is not going to create a big difference as compared to the cost of laptop.
so someone please help me because I can only buy ones if I take a decision then I would have to stick to it.

Hi, have you bought the Macbook pro with Intel iris pro? I’m also doubt about this issue these days, so is it suffient for unity3d development?

Hi planBear,

I had not bought yet but I will surely have one in 1-2 weeks.
So I will test it for 2-3 days at my best and share my reviews.
but it will take 1-2 weeks.