Is making a game hard without a team

I dont have a team. I cant get one and I dont trust people online. Is making a game all by myself difficult. I plan to remake MM and yes I got permission but idk how hard it will be.


A “real” game should have art, sounds + music, maybe 3D models, needs programming to work, testing/managing and marketing. Most people aren’t good at ALL of that. And they all take considerable time to get good at, or even know the issues.

By art: crisp, recognizable icons, Start screen backgrounds, maybe 3D textures, tilable floor textures, button backgrounds, particle effect textures… . By music: a non-annoying looping background and folio (short) sounds like “got money”, “was hit.” It seems like bad art and bad sounds are popular now, but there’s a big difference between funny-bad and just-plain-bad.

By managing, you have to force yourself to say “this part here was fun to make, but needs to be cut,” and “3 levels and 8 weapon types will take too long … 1 level and 2 weapons for now.” It’s very difficult to step back and do this in the middle of everything else. Easier if you have 2 other people who you always need to convince that this part should stay.


It really depends on the game type. MMOs take a lot of work for example. Don’t let such considerations deter you. If game development is something that interests you it won’t really matter how difficult it is. Think of something you would like to make and apply you time and effort to make it a reality (so to speak).

Considering all the resources available to you online, I would say “no”. Dive on in.

It’s less about how hard it is and more about how much time and effort (and blood, and sweat, and tears, and sleep) you’re willing to sacrifice to complete your game.