Is Microphone Supported?

I started a fresh Unity project with Polyspatial 1.0.3 (trying 1.1.4 as well) so I can test out some voice commands. I tried using Picovoice Porcupine for wakeword detection but that package was unable to work despite confirming mic access was given and doing a successful macOS build of the same scene for a sanity check. I then tried disregarding all of Porcupine and just made a very barebones MR unbounded scene that just opens the mic for input and then plays it back. This was unsuccessful as well. I’m wondering if the Microphone is even a capability supported by Unity at the moment? If it is, any thing I’m doing wrong? If not, is there a planned date for support to be added? Thanks.

Photon voice works, already checked.

Awesome, thanks for that. Were there any special permissions you had to enable? Additional capabilities to add over in XCode? Which version of polyspatial are you on? I remember for the HoloLens you would need to disable the system-level voice recognition in order to get mic working for non-Windows Speech API voice packages working. Is that something you had to do? Thanks again.

I didn’t spend too much time on it and we are using full vr mode instead of polyspatial. The only change is using iOS code on visionOS. Permission auth code is the same in Photon voice. Tried polyspatial in 0.7.4, nothing went wrong as I remembered.

Did you manage to get voice input from AVP?

Hey, yes I did! I think the issue lied in the wake word detection package I was using rather than the actual voice input, so I was getting it all along! I think some key things I checked for was if the voice permissions was given to the app on the device. Other than that, I think that’s pretty much it. Depending on your use case for voice, I think you might need to tick some boxes for the Capabilities section in XCode.