Is minecraft made of cubes?

I’m intrested in how minecaft was made. Did minecraft use voxels like in “Castle story” or other games(wich is basicaly a high poly mesh)? Or did minecraft use just plain cube? If it’s made out of cubes then does each cube have a collieder, material, texture, script ??? Because if it does it would seem it would take a ton of memory to store that? So witch is it?

No. It is made of a bunch of fake blocks/cubes called voxels.

16x16x128 to be specific.

For further information:

After playing minecraft…

Minecraft was made with some crafty java programming. Each block carries an ID and some other info, but it’s stored in a very smart way. I’d check out

the original game uses java openGL, the map is divided by cubes, each cube space has an id (0 is air, 1 is stone, etc…) for beter performance, the maps is loaded by pieces or chunks, each chunk is an area of 16x16 blocks if im not wrong.