Is my frame rate too high?

The frame rate in my stats window seems a bit high. What is a normal/desirable frame rate for a 2D vertical platformer type game?


Well it is a 2D game, and there isn’t too much that needs to be processed by your video card so of course your frame rate will be extremely good. I get somewhere around 100-120 with thousands and thousands of verts and different textures in 3d games. But if you want to cap off the frame rate you should see this Unity - Scripting API: Application.targetFrameRate.

High framerate by itself is not explicitly a problem. If you are concerned you can turn on vsync or set a target frame rate.

It does mean you are free to add more complicated graphical assets.

Also worth noting that this framerate will be different on your final build platform. An old model smartphone will have far less power then a modern PC

Your framerate doesn’t matter as long it is over 30. A that high fr means the game is running very efficent