Is my "unity default resources" file corrupt?

I’ve got a very stubborn problem with my game that only appears when I build it. At the moment, I’m only trying to determine if the error message in my output.log file is correct or if anyone knows why I’m getting it:

The file ‘C:/Users/Michael/Documents/New Unity Project 7/tester_Data/Resources/unity default resources’ is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again!
[Position out of bounds!]

If this is correct, then it may be explain my problem, which involves a GUISkin that can’t be found. But I did a fresh install of Unity (after uninstalling the old copy) and did a build after saving the default scene (with just the Main Camera in it). And I still get this error! And I also get serialization errors about built-in class Shader.

I would so appreciate if a few people would look at their own output.log files on the last game they built and tell me what they see. I can’t see how my resource file could be corrupt in a case like this.

I have been having this problem for days. Things work if I run in the editor, build for the Mac, or make a development build. But if I build PC standalone, non-development, it crashes with the error you describe. I filed a bug report, but Unity QA has been unable to build my scene so it crashes as it does on my machine. I have uninstalled Unity, and deleted its files, then reinstalled it and made a fresh project, with only a camera and a single script with an OnGUI function. It crashes as before.

If I substitute the “unity default resources” file that is produced with a development build, the scene runs fine.

I hope someone has found a way to correct this condition.