Is NetCode good to use going forward?

Basically, if I were to start developing an online game right now in 2022 using Unity, is NetCode and Unity's other multiplayer tools realistically as good an option as others (Azure PlayFab, etc.)?

Is it good for online multiplayer, in app purchasing, economy, etc.?

Hi @zeroBudget ,

It can first depend on what game/s you are looking to build.
Netcode for GameObjects is currently built with small-scale co-op games in mind, that said you can build on top of Netcode (C# source is available) to implement custom solutions for the type of game you are building but that can lead you into a difficult area if you fork too far from Netcode main branch. We also have longer-term plans to make improvements here to scale up to support competitive-style multiplayer games and more.

Netcode for GameObjects is considered a production-ready package with Multiplayer tools and the Transport package.
In addition, Unity is releasing many backend services to help you launch and operate your Multiplayer games, such as Relay, Lobby, Matchmaker, Dedicated Game Hosting, Authentication, Voice chat, Economy, Cloud Code, and so much more. You can read all about that here.

We are also developing educational materials alongside our SDK developments. Projects like Boss Room, a vertical slice of a small-scale 8-player co-op game using Relay and Lobby services.

Specifically, Azure and Playfab are backend services, not Netcode, it really requires some evaluation on your side for what you require and wish to go with. Unity's services are battle tested having been adopted by many live productions including Apex Legends, Valorant and many others.


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Thank you for this response. This is important to note. Thanks!