Is not knowing C# a mistake?

I’ve started learning programming about a month ago, and i have a couple of questions to ask . I’ve started by learning the basics of javascript and i kept learning more advanced stuff by following tutorials and testing stuff with unity…my first question is , was it wrong to start with javascript? and im asking this because for example when im having a problem or simply want to learn more by looking at others questions and scripts i find more ppl answering and writing back c# codes whitch i do not understand, should i stop my current project and start learning Cs? yesterday i was looking for a way to make my fps game multiplayer, i searched in some forums about this and all i have found is cs scripting which again, icant understand… so thats why im asking for your advice, as a less experienced programmer.

#Yes, you have to learn both, to use Unity. It’s that simple.

The question has been asked a million times and that’s the answer.

In answer to your specific question, today you must stop using Javascript, and now get used to c#. So that’s it. Make the change today.

Both languages are trivial. If you find it hard to use one or the other, you don’t have the “feel” for programming and if that’s the case why not forget it and try another hobby.

C# and java have their own pros and cons… But, mostly c# is more used these days… With that being said Java is very popular language… Since you are in the begening stage of learning process it is better to stick with c# again it is totally your choice.

It is advisable to learn the programming language if you want to be a programmer and I believe there are many tutorials available online. Also, google – with so many forums there is plenty to help you out. Hope it is helpful.

Both languages are similar. As you say, most of the scripts are in C#, so if you are not so experienced in programming I would go for C# scripting because you will have more reference scripts and it will be easier.

I don’t really think that the change between C# and Javascript will be complicated. My advice is to try to do it in C# (you could start adapting your javascript files to c# script for example)!

Good luck!