Is Physics a prerequisite for learning Unity 3D

I have got a basic knowledge about the Unity 3D platform but I coding in Unity has not been that easy for me. For the simple reason I can see is, I cannot understand which function to use for what purpose, for example, velocity, angular velocity or torque. My question is do I need to learn Physics and Trignometry to properly learn the usage of functions in Unity script. What level of knowledge should I need to poses with respect to Physics and Trignometry in order to properly understand the code in Unity? Please be specific as I am not a science student and I have really very basic knowledge in Unity.

A strong understanding of math and physics fundamentals is very useful, but it’s something you can learn as you go. You have years to pick this stuff up, and they’re concepts that will be useful in many ways, in many engines, in many jobs.

You can build fun games without any knowledge of physics. I’d highly recommend some math knowledge, but again, that’s something you can pick up on the way. Just bear in mind that your dreams may need to be constrained a bit by your actual capabilities. Learn by doing, and that means each project can and should stretch your knowledge and abilities at least a little bit.

Maybe one day that means you push a button to win (yay!). Maybe a year later that means you’re spawning dynamic track for and endless runner. Whatever you can define via code and assets, you can do.

In terms of physics, probably the single most useful thing you can learn is kinematics – not just in the sense of what Unity calls “kinematic” rigidbodies, but understanding what it means when people say things like:

  • Velocity is change in position over time
  • Acceleration is change in velocity over time
  • Both velocity and acceleration are “vectors”
  • What’s the difference between linear and angular acceleration?
  • What’s the difference between linear and angular velocity?

As you get a bit further in:

  • How can I perform arithmetic with vectors?
  • What are the constant acceleration equations?
  • What’s the relationship between force and accleration?
  • What’s the relationship between torque and angular acceleration?

And even further:

  • What is a vector dot product?
  • What is a vector cross product?
  • What is a derivative? An integral?
  • What does trigonometry have to do with circles?

These aren’t all topics you need to know how to solve, but it’s handy to know what they represent.

I know nothing about physics or trigonometry or any math for that matter. Just basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can learn what everything for rigidbodys like you described do here: Unity - Scripting API: Rigidbody

Just click on the links to the functions you don’t understand and it’ll explain it fairly well.

If you need to look up another function or object or anything, just use the search bar at the top of that page and you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for. If you have any questions about a script or have a problem you can come here and post a question or go on the forums and post there. I learned unity by just making random stuff, my first game was an fps and just looked up tutorials and scripts until I had a decent grasp on the program. Now I’m in the process of making a game that I hope to commercially release within a year or so.

Stick with it and you’ll do fine :smiley: