Is PlayerPrefs data persisted after app upgrade from ios AppStore?

We have unlockable levels in our game. We store the unlocked level number using PlayerPrefs. We will release version 1.0 of our game to app store soon.

Later, if I want to give an upgraded version 1.1, how can I ensure that the PlayerPrefs data is retained even after the upgrade?

If the data is not retained, the player will loose the unlocked level number, and he will be forced to play the game from the first level again.

Any help is highly appreciated on the best way for data persistence. Thanks in Advance.

As long as the ‘Company Name’ and ‘Product Name’ fields remain the same in your player settings, you shouldn’t have any problems with settings not persisting. The settings files are keyed by those two values, so if you change either or both of them, you will no longer have the same settings file.