Is posible to make an universal transition tree for many GameObjects?

Hello everyone, I’m pretty new in Unity and I was wondering if there exist any tool that let me make a tree of transitions for many GameObjects.

I’m working with a game wich will have 20 characters with 12 animations each one of them, all 20 character animations will have the same name (Example: all characters will have the animations → MoveUp, MoveDown, MoveLeft, MoveRight) and the same transitions.

So because of this if I have to do all the transitions manually it can be a very long work doing exactly the same transitions plus if in the future I want to change something I will have to change all of them, manually again.

I have to make the animations manually because although they have the same name, they are different for every character, but the transitions aren’t different, all transitions will have the same parameters, connecting animations with the same name and will be used by the same script.

But I still don’t know all the tools that Unity has about animations, so I don’t know if there is a way to speed up this. Is there a faster way to do this that doing all this manually doing the same transition tree for every character? are there a kind of an “universal tree” which I can use for all my characters?

Thank you.

Solved, I used this manual and it was what I was looking for: