Is possible change gameobject form, size RunTime

Hi, who can help can we change gameobjetc form in runtime, or any gameobject and how we can do?
Change vertex , poligonos?


I know two different approaches:

    • use the cloth simulation to simulate a softbody with the builtin physics engine. Just watch this : 3d Buzz Tutorial (Softbody Beachball) I highly recommend watching every single one of these physic tutorials (high value stuff)
    • It is possibly to modify the mesh for your purposes at runtime with scripting. Size can be changed easily, but the form is a much more daring task to accomplish.

You can try to do it from scratch , starting here : Unity Mesh Class Reference.

I dont know your background, your budget etc. but if you can afford it, I would highly recommend not doing it from scratch (you will learn a lot from it, and its very powerful, but has also very steep learning curve :slight_smile: ) but to purchase a package from the Assets Store like the MegaFiers series : Youtube : Megafiers Demo Video