is possible mouse wheel key in else than GetAxis?

I know mouse wheel can be funded here:

if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") > 0) {Distance += 1;}
if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") < 0) {Distance -= 1;}

but I’m asking if it’s possible to get it in something similar to:

if (Input.GetKeyDown(/* whatever */)) {Distance += 1;}

seems like it doesn’t exist anywhere than in GetAxis but I’m asking just to be on safe side

was also searching if it can be found in:

if (Input.Input.GetMouseButton/* whatever more is needed */) {Distance += 1;}

also I’m interested how to change controller to mouse wheel let say like:

player doesn’t want next weapon for mouse wheel and wants next target for mouse wheel

how would I implant that code for him? IF the mouse wheel doesn’t exist else than in GetAxis

I’m kinda asking 2 Questions

There’s no way to change information in the Input class at runtime.

There are some options on the asset store for allowing in-game control changes - mine isn’t on the store yet, but the thread is here.

Essentially you have to set up all the axes you want to use beforehand and then write a manager to pick the right one based on the player’s choice.

today I was playing with setting my controls (key bindings)

and was trying all types of controls and I’ve figured out that:

public string delta;
void OnGUI{
	Event e = Event.current;
	if ( != "(0.0, 0.0)"){
		delta =;

you can try it what ever you do with mouse IF you mouse scroll wheel

you’ll always get +/-3 at last int

  • (0.0, -3.0) gives mouse wheel up
  • (0.0, 3.0)gives mouse wheel down