Is possible to Embed WebGL Compiled Game in Blogger? if Possible How?

i’m Trying to Embed a very simple game to a Blog Hosted in Blogger ( but i’m having a lot of problems, first, i can’t host correctly, but i was can host all the needed files in a Mediafire account in it works, When i Run the Index.html directly in Microsoft Edge Browser, the game dawnload correctly, but never starts, but the most big problem, is the Box-Player created with unity not work correctly when i try to use the HTML in the Page Entry in the blog.

basically i’m trying to Embed a WebGL compiled game in a Entry of a Blog Hosted in Blogger

Have you tried Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc? It might just be an Edge thing. For example, Explorer sucks with properly loading, and playing GIFs… It’s a Microsoft thing :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re needing help, here is a forum thread.

Hope this helps, good luck! :slight_smile:

no, i use Crome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, Localy the games Works properl, but i created a 000webhost acount to Alocated de Page of the unity Web Game Compiled in WebGL, and not work, i only make it work 1 time and next have a lot of errors, is no logical (why the game works only 1 time)

here is the link if you can use:

in SpaceShipGame is the game that works only 1 time in my Crome is the unity build whit the only change that i deleted de .htacces

and de SpaceShipGame V5 was testing a ot of changes that i see in too many posts, (like change the htacces to add a RawiteBase, and change the HTML to add GZ in the end of the files etc)

and the SpaceShipGame_WP is the UnityWebPlayer Pluging version