Is possible to Make a Frontend for Retroarch ?

Hello Everyone !

I wat to realize a 3D frontend for retroarch, and the idea is of a gameroom with some arcades inside and iwant that when i touch an arcade (trigger) the frontend goes on “pause mode” and Retroarch loads up and play the game of the arcade. when i quit retroarch i want to come back into the frontend and choose another game and so on …
i have made a 3D gameroom with 2 coinops, one for R-type and the other one for bubble bobble.
i can control a “capsule” for the player

The questions are :
How can i launch the BATCH file with retroarch when i touch the trigger infront of the cabinet ?
How can make that the frontend “pause” while i’m playng the game and then “unpause” when i quit Retroarch ??

Thank you for every answer , have a nice day and stay safe ! :smiley:

While this doesn’t exactly cover everything

You can launch an external process by utilizing System.Diagnostics and Process.Start().

You can define command line arguments within the ProcessStartInfo passed into Process.Start().

Finally, this is only viable because Retroarch supports command line arguments.

Thanks Eno-khaon For the answer !!!

is possible to create this script in BOLT Visual scripting ?? and at wich game bject i have to link this script ?? the Coin-op model or the player ??

thank You again !!! :smiley: