Is Possible to make a navmesh visible?

Is possible to a camera to see a navmesh, i want make a minimap of the walkable areas, but i don’t know if is possible to make a navmesh visible to camera with colored cost areas.

You can use NavMeshTriangulation to make a new mesh that from what I understand is a close approximation of the navmesh but its not exact-

You can use this to get that mesh-

 NavMeshTriangulation triangles = NavMesh.CalculateTriangulation();

        Mesh mesh = new Mesh();

You can also get the vertices and triangles

 mesh.vertices = triangles.vertices;
        mesh.triangles = triangles.indices;

I’ve been using this to get sniping points on a Navmesh but haven’t rendered/displayed the mesh so I don’t know how good or how crappy it looks-

Seems you can use NavMeshTriangulation.areas to get the areas as well-