Is possible to make joints acting like parents and childs ?

Hi all. I have two objects connected via configurable joint. If i pull object #1, object #2 will be pulled but if i pull object #2 , object#1 will be pulled because joints work like two-side connection. Is there any way how to make master object (let’s say object #1) and slave object (let’s say object #2) what can move on its own but never pull master, something like relationship where child can move on its own and never move with parent but when parent move it take child with him.


Nevermind… I figured it out. During my testing in new test project i realized that i can achieve this effect through tweeking weight of rigidbodies. I make “Master” object enough heavy and “Slave” object enough light so slave object have no effect to its master object.
Thanks “helpfull” members of unity community.