Is possible to rotate textures of a terrain?

I have a serious problem about texture tiling. used the detailes on the terrain,it’s really good, but I’d like to rotate the texture as seen here :
or UDK | TerrainAdvancedTextures

I have an idea : I could set differents tiles of my picture(for example 1, 1 for standard rotation; -1,1 for a 90 rotation; -1,-1 for a 180 rotation and 1, -1 for a -90 rotation) So, is there a way to do it modifying the terrain shader? Could u post me just the way to do it? Thanks :smiley:

Nope, its not possible. Only resizing is.

  1. Export texture;
  2. Rotate in photoshop;
  3. import texture;

I have a limit of 32 textures within the terrain tool before the textures go black, so being able to rotate textures in photoshop and import a fresh texture isnt an option.
also its stupid that you may have to make several increments a texture to make a terrain look realistic. you could even end up doing alot of rotation increments of a texture for specific reasons.