Is Pre-Ordering Unity 4 pro less expensive?

I am sorry if this seems like a stupid question to ask, but after scouring the store, clicking on pre-order button after pre-order button, even googling this issue, I can find nothing conclusive.

I do not own Unity Pro anything. I’d like to know if I pre-order Unity 4 pro, will I get a discount off of the normal, $1500 price? Or is the price the same? (I have clicked on pre-order, but the page it takes me to just sells “Unity Pro” or “Unity” and there is no way to tell if the $1500 price tag they display is actually for Unity 4 pre-order, or if it is just for Unity 3 pro)

There is no discount at this time. There is no ability to buy Unity 3 anymore; you can only buy Unity 4 (which allows you to use any previous version).