Is RenderSettings.ambientIntensity changeable through a script?

i would like to change the ambientIntensity value ingame dynamically. Code-wise it is working and you can see the controller changing while the game is running. But it doesn’t effect the scene like when i start the game with different values for ambientIntensity.

The docs are saying:

Note that render settings are
Unity - Scripting API: RenderSettings

Does that mean it isn’t possible to change dynamically?

//Edit 1

Someone pointed out that the “per-scene” quote means that settings won’t be transfered to the next scene. Additionally i found out that RenderSettings.ambientIntensity has a get and a set accessor.

If you change Ambient Source to Gradient or Color it seems to be dynamically adjustable.

I think RenderSettings.ambientIntensity doesn’t work in Unity 5.5 and should be marked as deprecated. It worked in Unity 5.4 and previous versions. I guess you should use RenderSettings.ambientSkyColor.

It is under a static category, meaning that it is determined and unchangeable. So, as for your question, yes. It is not possible to change it dynamically. However, it does belong to a class and type, so it may not be as impossible as it seems. I would look into how to deal with static members in the microsoft documents.

Yes, but you need to call DynamicGI.UpdateEnvironment(); for it to update during playmode ,Yes, but you have to call DynamicGI.UpdateEnvironment(); afterwards for it to update during playmode Unity - Scripting API: RenderSettings.skybox