Is Root Motion Animation possible using Netcode?

I have made a character controller using root motion animations from Mixamo.
It's a very basic scene and animation but my NetworkAnimator and NetworkObject aren't working. The character on the network stays in place and just rotates. No animations play.

I can't find much information on root motion and syncing animations across the network. Not at least with introducing input lag and other negative quality of life changes.

Have I gone down the wrong path here with root motion and networked gameobjects?

I am making a hyper competitive shooter so I will need very accurate hitboxes. Do I need to change from root motion? I can't really see how root motion and regular animations differ in implementation.

If someone can explain what the difference is and why and maybe a solution I would appreciate it.
It's early in dev so scraping root motion isn't the end of the world I just like how it feels better.

It seems I need the server to say to all players, "Play the animation for this player" (Is that right?) which would obviously cause an input delay of RTT which I couldn't possibly handle.


I have the same questions, for some reason I guess, my characters can not shoot them in the proper poses. have you come up with any solution?