Is something wrong with Boo?

I ask because I saw many topics on here only discussing using JS and C#, with little to no mention of Boo. I wonder because I come from a Python background, and I really enjoyed using Python a lot more than other languages I have used.

So, I have a few questions;
Is Boo inferior to JS and C#?
Is Boo more difficult than them?
How come Boo isn’t as popular as the other two Unity languages?

Well, there is nothing wrong with it, i guess :wink:

I don’t know phyton or Boo very well and i guess there are not that many phyton users out there in contrast to other languages. C, C++, Java, Javascript, C# and other languages have a lot in common especially a lot of the basics. That’s why they are often called c-style syntax languages.

C, C++, C#, Javascript are used very often, that’s why most people are used to one of those languages. There are phyton users out there, but i guess the ratio between C#/Javascript and Boo users is a bit “unbalanced”.

Is it more difficult?
I guess the language itself isn’t, because that depends only on what you’re used to. When it comes to code samples i guess you won’t find as much as for JS or C#.

Even if you have use Phyton a lot i guess you still have to learn the differences between Phyton and Boo. Javascript is similar. JS works totally different in Unity than in a webpage. Even in C# you have to watch some special cases.

In the end all 3 languages are complied to the same level: CIL.

From another perspective… I’ve been working in python for a long time and I feel about it the same way as you. But Boo? It’s a really weird mix of all kinds of languages. If you need a static typed python, why don’t you make a static typed python and stop there? It seems to me that the authors took elements from their favorite languages and tossed them in. Why is True and False lowercase? Who would NOT want to use the self variable? Whats that attribute magic? C style comments in python-like code make me want to cry.

Boo lies deep in the uncanny valley for me. I don’t want to discourage you, but if you plan to use both Python and Boo, you’ll have a very hard time switching between them. Expect a lot of “true / True variable not defined” errors.

By the way, I heard it’s possible to use IronPython… I’m not sure how powerful it is with Unity though.

I would be worried that when I ever get stuck in Boo, there would be limited assistance available for me. tonnes of JS/C# ppl to grab knowledge from.

Actually you don’t have to worry much about that since the languages are readily interchangeable (in terms of syntax), just ask when you can’t find anything about it