Is streaming content into a running application possible with Unity?

Dear Folks,

please be warned that I have never worked with Unity before, I might ask incredibly
stupid stuff.

My plan is to make use of progressive mesh refinement, progressive JPEG files for textures and all that jazz - in order to bypass long loading times for 3D web applications. Yes, I did read both the Loading content at runtime and Web Player Streaming articles here on :slight_smile:

However, I’d like to go a bit further (“display coarse meshes and textures while more data becomes available”), but it looks like I’m bound to using Unity’s WWW class that won’t even let me access the bytestream unless the file has fully finished downloading. Additionally, should I expect a tough ride since Unity is not thread-safe?

Am I getting something terribly wrong here (hopefully!), or is using Unity, in this case, going to be a dead end?

Many thanks in advance!

Noone prevents you from usng sockets and load your stuff the way you like. Yes, even in the webplayer, but only if you can provide a socket policy service on your server.

Read the webplayer security page carefully especially the part about sockets. Also check the MonoCompatibility page which .NET / Mono classes are supported in a webbuild.