Is terrain in scene view buggy?

When I zoom into my terrain objec the colors change apparently at a certain point. Is this an intended behaviour?
Well since this description propably is a bit vague I’ve attached a simple gif showing the beavhiour.

I don’t have attached any specs or additionally information since I’m not sure if this an intended behaviour.

Sorry for the green spots, it happended during recording. Please ignore them :wink:


Hard to tell from the image, but is it a problem? I’ve noticed when creating hills/mountains the scene view is a bit rough at the edges. Particularly when zoomed out but I wouldn’t worry too much about it as the game view is the important thing.

The scene view isn’t the game view so I’m not surprised there are issues with rendering, after all Unity, in fact any game engine, has to balance processing power and functionality.

Sure it could be set to be 100% perfect displaying a large terrain from a kilometer up but on some computers that would grind to a halt.

Really as long as the game plays as expected don’t worry about the scene view.