Is the 2D physics collision matrix different?

And if so I need some help.

I need to detect collision between my sprites, which are kinematic and there’s no way 'round it. So according to the collision matrix at Unity - Manual: Box Collider component reference, I should be just fine giving them all Kinematic-Rigidbody Trigger-Colliders. Video’s blurry 'cause I’m lazy, but the two checkboxes I’m messing with are the rigidbody2d’s Kinematic setting on bottom, and the collider’s trigger setting on top. As soon as I disable Kinematic on one of them, I start getting the messages I need (in console) and that one starts falling off the level because hey, physics.

Am I doing something wrong or are KRTC interactions just not working in 2D?

And a screenshot of their rigidbody/collider setup in case I’m missing something obvious there:

It’s not an ideal solution, because the scripting reference is still in conflict with my experience, but I was able to come to a working position.

My characters are now non-kinematic triggers, but their rigidbodys’ gravity scale is zero. Since they’re triggers, they’re not going to get physics’d by anything. Now all the trigger functions work as expected.

I am experiencing this issue too. Not being able to have kinematic triggers make things really crude.