Is the amount of FBX imported into Unity affect the project file size?

I’m new to Unity, I would like to know that is it the more FBX we imported into unity, the bigger project file size?
currently im using @animation naming method, there are about 300 FBX. If each of the file size of FBX is 3MB…
which mean the total will be 900MB?

Is there any way i can lower down the file size?

Thanks in advance

I use FBX in my projects too, but I don’t know if you can compress the models like you can with sound files, the only suggestion I can think of is to maybe reduce the poly count of your models, though that does really depend on what platform you’re aiming at, if it’s for mobile then 300 FBX models is far too many, noone would install a 900 MB game onto their phone.

If it’s for PC/Mac etc etc, then 900 MB isn’t really too bad, in most modern games today that are about 4 to 6 GB in size, most of it is taken up by graphics, sound and models. Only a tiny fraction of the game is actually taken up by code.

Yes, every file you import into unity will become part of your project since the file will be copied into the asset folder. We have used two workarounds:

  • remove the mesh of all animation files inside your modeling tool since they are not used by unity.
  • Our final solution was that we created a second project with just the animation files and a custom script that “extracts” only the .anim file from the fbx and saves it as seperate asset. Now we just have to export the prepared character and import it into the main project. Since the animations didn’t change that often it was the best solution for us since a single anim file is just a few kb.