Is the data editable on the website?


since we can not change data stored with cloud save, I wondered if its possible with the virtual goods of the player. Also the same issue arises where I would like to get a list of all players or beeing able to query for a player with a specfic item.

Any plans here?

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your questions. Economy and many of the gaming services are very new and still in beta, so more features will be added as we progress towards general release. Your observations have been noted and added to the feature request list.

  • You can't change a player's currency or inventory from the dashboard yet, but this is something that we know will be very important, so watch this space.

  • Your second observation is intersting, I think you may be the first customer to have asked about this, but it is something that we have been thinking about.

At the moment the query interface is user-centric but there are some great use cases that start with the inventory or currency first, especially when used in conjunction with Analytics and Player Engagement Campaigns. Some use-cases are already possible with the new Analytics service and Audiences, but there is great scope for expanding the capabilities here.

For example, imagine a use case where you could setup a special event that triggers when 500 people have each found a golden ticket, at that point they are each sent a notification revealing the time and in-game location of the special event.

We will be updating the individual product pages and forums as new features come on-stream, and we welcome your suggestions and feedback. One of my colleagues may reach out to you by DM to gather more information on the use cases you are considering.



@Laurie-Unity I am looking forward to these too.
This is very important as often Customer Support needs to do exactly that.

Add or remove items from a user's inventory.
Either because a purchase didn't go through, or to compensate them for their trouble, or because an item is stuck and takes storage space.

Also from a Product management point of view, we often do queries to see how many people have certain items which is very useful to design relevant features/event that reuse/consume certain game items.

It is surprising that David was the first customer who asked for this. It is super common.
Who did you ask while researching and prioritizing the features of the service?

Unity often runs the risk to cater for the mass, which as we know, the mass of free engine users are mostly amateurs or beginners.

Are there any updates on this front?

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Hi Soleron,
thanks for your extensive feedback. It touches many areas that we are exploring solutions for.
As for the need to remove or update something in the user inventory, we are looking into making it available in the Player management section in the dashboard, as Laurie said. We don't have a timeline yet, but will be announcing new functionalities in this Forum as soon as they are available in the dashboard.

To clarify our shared understanding, David is the first customer to request this in the Forum, but we had the functionality in our plans already based on different feedback channels. We also received different feedback from users in early stages of product launch, that led us to prioritise other features over this one.

Hope this helps!


Cloud save now enables editing of entries via the website (quick update)

We do not use "Economy" yet but maybe it is a canditate aswell. We will use economy for our premium currency for sure.

Any update on this yet? Im still testing my code and would like to reset the inventory and currency of players without having to create my own script to delete all items and currency on the player. Albeit would be easy.