Is the "FPS control" on the asset store a virus!?

Hello chaps,
In the last few days a new and, to be frank, bloody amazing looking asset pack. Its called FPS control (go have a look) its completely free and may well be too good to be true. On the 7th a downloader posted the first review and claimed it to be a fake. I had a look on their website and it all looks well and good. I cant understand why someone would go through all the effort of making a large website and such just to put up a virus?? Does anyone know what the situation?
If it is a virus it needs to be removed doesn’t it?
thanks :slight_smile:

Fps control is not a virus. I use it personally. Look up “tornadotwins” on youtube. They are one of the most popular unity tutorial people on youtube.

Thanks for asking this. I agree with FXBaconGames. The Tornado Twins are one of our partners, and we (Rival Theory integrated our AI engine RAIN{indie} into FPS Control-- so we back Tornado Twins up as well.

I did read the review on the Unity Asset Store, and I’m not sure what the user “John Stempinski” is talking about. Unity checks each and every package that’s uploaded to the Asset Store.

From what I have been reading this has been abandoned and you never get answered unless you pay for the other version.
Which is not surprising since they have been doing shady things for years now.
A lot of their assets and scripts are things that already existed and they renamed.
I would stay away from the scam twins regardless.