Is the inspector Value accessable?


Ill try to simplify my question, cus i got no answere til today.

I have an Image what says Level 1.

On this Image i attached a very simple script:

CurrentLevel: Monobehvior

public int currentLevel;


Thats it.

Now in the Inspector i can change it to 1. I attached this script to all the other levelImages.
And therefore changed each currentLevel to 2…3 and so on.

Now in another script i want to compare this valur with a player.pref value to check if the currentlevel is finished.

But the other script cant find the values i put into the inspector.

Why is that? Is the inspector not saving the value in currentLevel?

is there another way to solve this?

Thank you

You could try something like

int CurrentLevel;
private void Start(){

CurrentLevel = FindObjectOfType<CurrentLevel>().currentLevel;

if(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("[Name]") == CurrentLevel){