Is the native Visual Studio support only Unity 5.2 Pro?

I have had troubles getting the automated visual basic thingy to work. When you look at Microsoft’s website about the unity support they have this picture 54183-untitled.png As you can see this is not a Unity Pro license, and the Visual Basic line is not there. Is this because the license is only a Personal?

Unity 5.2 features "Out of the box support for Visual Sudio Tools for Unity (aka UnityVS)

Unity has actually allowed you to use visual studio in place of monodevelop for a while. Unity 5.2 allows you to install visual studio when you download Unity. To switch from mono to Visual Studio go to Edit → Preferences → External Script Editor and select Visual Studio.

My Unity 5.2 Personal install also does not show the Visual Studio line but came bundled with Visual Studio.

However as far as I know Visual Studio and Visual Basic are not the same thing and neither Unity Personal nor Unity Pro support Visual Basic.

UnityScripts are no longer supported (Since version 1.9).

“C# being the predominant language in
the Unity ecosystem - the new Sample
Assets are in C#, the Unity
documentation will default to C# - we
removed our basic support for
UnityScript and Boo to better focus on
the C# experience. As a result, VSTU
solutions are now C# only and are much
faster to load.”


Refer to this site for further information on how to use the tool Visual Studio Tools for Unity - Visual Studio 2015 | Microsoft Learn