Is the trial for Unity iPhone..... Pro or Normal?

Im interested in buying Unity iPhone because of the new discounted price...but I'm not sure which version is same as the trial version...

Is the trial for Unity iPhone... Pro or Normal? So in order to continue using what I am currently using in the trial should I buy Unity iPhone Pro or Unity iPhone.

Please comment on an answer if you support so I know that what someone says is correct (in case of getting mis-informed I just need a little confirmation).


Here, I'll post everything said as a comment as an answer. I remember the Iphone demo being a demo of Unity Iphone Basic. So it doesn't have stripping, movie-playback, plugins etc. To make sure this is correct. Go to Edit/Project Settings/Player and try and change the stripping level. If it is grayed out, then you are running basic and thus have those features, while if you can change it, you are demoing the Pro version.

Apparently there's an undocumented function `UnityEditor.InternalEditorUtility.HasPro()`.