Is the Unity manual enough?

Hello everyone, I’m totally new to game creation. I’m using google translator to communicate with you, I hope you understand.

My doubt is: to make games in Unity, the Unity program manual is enough to do the programming of the games? Or will I have to study C # programming and JavaScript? If I have to study programming, which one should I study first, the Unity manual or or C # programming and JavaScript? Or should I study both at the same time, Unity and programming? And when studying programming, am I obliged to study both C # and JavaScrypt, or can I study just one?

OK. Thank you, God bless

you should defiantly study c#. unity’s version of javascript works too. but c# is an industry standard language that is common everywhere in programming accross the world so it’s more usefully to learn.

Unity can do about anything. you are simply limited by your understanding / creativity in programming.

as you learn more about programming you will find there is more you can do. and it doesnt take long to far surpass what can be taught in the manuals and documents.

Regardless of the fact that the manual needs more details, your understanding about Unity will be significantly increased over time. You should start with simple tutorials first. Cheers

It depends if you have ever programmed before. Regardless, you should be ok starting with C#. You are going to want to start with Unity-specific tutorials that are for total beginner programmers within the engine, that way you can start learning programming as it pertains to working with Unity.