Is ther a visionOS build support for Unity 2023?

Is ther a visionOS build support for Unity 2023?

It is in process right now and should be available soon (though timing I am unsure of).

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When will it be available? I want to use some latest feature from 2023.

Hi Seto1–

Support for visionOS in Unity 2023 is currently under active development, but it’s proven complex to maintain support for Apple’s rapidly evolving APIs while simultaneously integrating ongoing feature development from Unity 2023

While Unity 2023 support is indeed a crucial milestone for us, our priority right now is refining visionOS features and ensuring stability. Consequently, we most likely will not release Unity 2023 support until after Apple’s visionOS exits its beta phase.

Hope this info helps!

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Wanted to bump this thread and ask since the Vision is outta beta now with the device releasing, will we be getting an update on 2023 support?

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We’re still in active development for Unity 2023. When this is available, we’ll make sure to communicate it more broadly. Thank you for your feedback!

Do you have an approximative ETA about 2023 support please?
We’ve upgraded two projects to 2023.2 and can’t go back.

Support for the next LTS version of Unity, Unity 6 is still pending development. While we expect Unity 6 to be available sometime in 2024, we are unable to provide a more concrete timeline beyond that.

To learn more about Unity 6, check out this blog post.

Do you mean 2023.x is Unity 6?
My question was about Unity 2023

Yes, our next LTS release is Unity 6 (Or what we would have previously referred to as Unity 2023 LTS). The blog linked above dives into what you can expect with this upcoming release.

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Thank you. I see the Unity 6 coming with the vision os support.