Is there a better way of using 2D PNG Sequence Animations?

I have been making a game with the same idea of using 2D monsters as like in Pokemon, however the monsters are made in flash and exported as a png sequence. This however has run the project high in space. The meta folder is insane with gigs. Is there a better way of doing this?

Also this runs up the ram while Unity is running and i can no longer use my desktop as it constantly crashes.


If your PNGs are not a power of 2 size and you are not using an atlas (and you are not using Unity 4.1) they will be a total memory hog. Use NGUI/2D Toolkit/Othello etc to draw atlased sprites and you’ll find a massive performance improvement and a lower memory footprint.

Be aware that a PNG file is a compressed file on disk - when it is loaded it turns into an uncompressed set of bytes in memory (probably 4 * number of pixels). Worse than that, if it isn’t a power of 2 size (NPOT) then it eats lots of buffers as Unity tries to fix it so that it is (unless you are using 4.1).

You can have then tiniest PNG or JPEG eat many MB of memory due to this effect.