Is there a better way to do rotations with new Unity 2D?

I am pretty new to Unity but have worked with a few different game editors. I generally like working in 2D, and the new features are great but rotations seem a little wonky. Or maybe I am doing it wrong… these are the biggest problems I’m having:

  1. The rotation vector for sprites in the inspector rotates counterclockwise for positive rotation values… seems weird.

  2. Calculating rotations, for example when facing another object, requires using 3D functions and quaternions. This seems overly complicated. Quaternions are one of the main reasons I prefer 2D :wink:

Is there a set of 2D functions to handle 2D rotations that I am not seeing?

Hi, at first can you say what gameobject you want to rotate, I have good experiance using 2D and 3D in other porject and needs we can do it different ways.
After answering my question I can may be help you!