Is There a Bug with Area Effectors?

I’m trying to use area effectors to move a beach ball object. The effectors work fine when they are not the child of anything. However, when I make them child objects to anything they stop working. Is there a fix for this? Or do I need to do a work around using the “OnTriggerStay2d” method or something like it?

So it sounds like you’re not using a Rigidbody2D so the effector colliders are static (not supposed to be moved) but you are moving them by manipulating the parent Transform.

Firstly, you should never move a static collider; it’s static for a reason.

Secondly, there’s a bug which will fix the case where an effector stops working if it’s transform is constantly modified.

The fix will be in 5.3 patch (not sure which yet) and 5.4b16.