Is there a deployment guide for iPhone?

I currently have a game in the android marketplace that I would like to deploy on the iPhone. Before I purchase/rent? the SDK from Apple, I’d like to spend some time on what the process entails. My understanding is that I need a Mac (which I have access to one) and iPhone/iPod/iPad (I have an iPhone).

Does anyone know the next steps (in general) and/or can point me to a step by step tutorial? From google searches it appears that after getting the SDK, I need “XCode” and after that I don’t know how difficult it is to get the game from the Mac to the device for testing AND after it’s tested how to submit it to the Appstore.


Right so far. XCode is free. The SDK is free. You’ll need to buy a developer licence (100 bucks at least). Then begins the certificate/provisioning fun. See this: What do I need for iPhone development? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Basically use the KeyChain utility to generate a certificate, upload that to the Apple Dev site, then set up an app id (which you also enter into the Unity player settings), and set up all the devices you’ll want it on for testing. Then generate the provisioning file which XCode reads and installs. What’s happening (I think) is you are telling Apple a) who you are, b) who your app is, c) which devices your app is authorized to run on. So any changes to any of that means regenerating that provisioning file and having XCode install it. When you build/run, it will complain that it needs to set the device for development, then that it will install the provisioning thing (should only happen once). After that it will build and run smoothly. When satisfied, you go back to the Apple Dev site and tell it you want the provisioning for the App Store (this is where I stopped, we are not releasing to public yet). From what I understand, you then redownload the new provisioning file it makes and then do whatever paperwork is needed for selling on the app store. Note that the developer-only deployments time-out after like 90 days, so even if you were just making something for your friends, you’d have to fix them up every few months. You’ll hate it and be praising Google by the time you get through it.

There are some tutorials out there, but I or someone should write a concise all-in-one tut for sure.