Is there a difference between moving the gameobject vs its component?

so I have these two variables

GameObject newItem = Instantiate(eventData.pointerDrag, this.transform);
InventoryItem newItemScript = newItem.GetComponent<InventoryItem>();

and I have these 3 lines

newItemScript.transform.localPosition =;
newItemScript.GetComponent<Image>().raycastTarget = true;

it’s just to set a parent and location for the newly instantiated object.
so far I don’t see any difference in change newItemScript with GameObject
like this

newItem.transform.localPosition =;
newItem.GetComponent<Image>().raycastTarget = true;

it feels like there should be a difference but I don’t see it.
can anyone let me know if the two different ways have any hidden effects
that I do not see or am I fine to assume I can reference the script to change the gameobject’s parents and locations?

Transform is actually a component of GameObject that contains the position, among other things (parent/child relationship, rotation, scale…). Both component and gameObject have a property called transform, both pointing to the same component on the gameObject. Therefore newItem.transform is the same thing as newItemScript.transform, (provided that newItemScript is a component on newItem gameObject)