Is there a Floor Guide in Unity, and a Working View Reset feature?

What i find difficult in unity (4.1.5) is that there’s no floor guide. But i can get used to that by adding my own floor guide.

But also, when i move around to look at stuff, then i don’t know what angle i’m at, then i get lost and i can’T find any of the things i added to my scene. Is there a way to reset the working view to the default once you have moved out of the defautl?

What is a “floor guide”? Are you talking about a grid? That does exist, just turn it on if you have it turned off, using the button to the right of the lighting button. You can use “F” to focus on objects. It would be a really good idea for you to read the Unity docs about the scene view, here.

Can snap the viewing direction to front/side/top/… by clicking the upper left axis widget in the Scene panel.

A trick to snap to a position is to make a small or invisible marker, like in the center of your terrain, and use that for an F-key snap.