Is there a function that will calculate the path an object will take after AddForce()?

If I apply forces to a rigidbody like AddForce(Vector3(5, 5, 0); how would I go about getting a list of vector3 positions that would represent the path that rigidbody would take before actually having it follow that path? Basically I want to test the path for collisions before going through with it.

Rigidbodies simulate physics, so you can use basic laws of motion:

At the simplest level, you can predict where the object will be 5 frames from now by taking its current position and adding the per-frame velocity five times.

(Note you can’t create a “list of positions” it passes through since, with non-discrete movement, the list would be infinite).

I think that you might want to use Physics.Raycast(). I believe Eteeski has some pretty clear examples of its use here. It basically is a laser that will say if it hit something.

Good luck!